Standard Data Package

Standard Data Package

"Faculty, staff, and managers regularly review, analyze and engage with both standard data elements and department-specific performance measures through annual department planning and five-year program review processes. These processes result in a cycle of continuous improvement, planning and assessment."

~Lane Community College 2017-2022 Long-Range Financial Planning Report

The tabs in the workbook available to download below contain the elements of the college’s standard data package. This data is designed to be used as a reference and resource for department planning, program review, and access to common questions and information requests.

It is through the processes of department planning and program review that faculty, staff and managers develop context, meaning and improvement plans out of this large data set.

Institutional Research and Budget Office staff are available to answer and will collect feedback and suggestions for enhancements and improvements to the standard data package for subsequent releases.

Institutional Research and Budget Office staff are also available for one-on-one consultations and/or discussion at department or group meetings.


General Information and scheduling of individual or group appointments: Jennifer Steele x. 5510
Student Enrollment, Demographics and Success data: Molloy Wilson x. 5577 or Cathy Thomas x. 5779
Staffing and Financial data: Jennifer Steele x. 5510 or Zach Evans x.5107
Employment data: Jennifer Steele x. 5510

Archived Standard Data Package (Fall 2017)