Department Datasheets

Department Datasheets

“Faculty, staff, and managers regularly review, analyze and engage with both standard data elements and department-specific performance measures through annual department planning and five-year program review processes. These processes result in a cycle of continuous improvement, planning and assessment.” ~ Lane Community College 2017-2022 Long-Range Financial Planning Report


In October 2017, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness staff compiled data elements used in program review, annual department planning and budget development into a Standard Data Package workbook. This resource was shared broadly with the campus community through Weekly announcements; orientations with Deans, Directors, Managers, and program review participants; links to fall term department planning processes; and was followed up with drop-in information and Q&A sessions and individual consultations with faculty, staff and managers.

At the direction of the Board of Education, these standard data elements were organized into a datasheet format, with values assigned to program or service data based upon 1) relative performance of academic units, and 2) performance measures established through program review for service and hybrid units.

The standard data package and instructional department datasheets will be updated annually.

Program datasheets

As with the standard data package, program datasheets are designed to be used as a reference and resource for department planning, program review, and department-level dialogue about program performance, goals, issues, opportunities, and improvement efforts.

It is through dialogue and planning processes that program faculty, staff and managers develop and share essential context, meaning, and improvement plans from datasheets and the standard data package. Please see suggested discussion questions to support this effort.

Institutional Use

Datasheets will be shared with the campus community in December 2018. Departments will discuss and review datasheets in continuation of fall department planning conversations. Department-specific feedback, context, and supplemental information can be provided to the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Office.

In accordance with budget development principles and criteria, budget development investment and reduction decisions will be informed by program data, department datasheets, department goals and improvement plans, institutional priorities, and in-depth impact analysis.

For Additional Information

General Questions and Department Meetings - Planning and Institutional Effectiveness faculty and staff are available to come to your department meeting to facilitate discussion and answer questions. Contact Cathy Thomas at (541) 463-5579 or to schedule.

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