Core Themes

Core Themes

Lane’s core themes represent the essential elements of our comprehensive mission. In accordance with our accrediting body, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, we have established objectives and indicators of achievement for each core theme to evaluate accomplishment of core theme objectives, and, ultimately, our mission.

Core Theme 1: Responsive Community Engagement

As an engaged member of our community, Lane's programs, services, and activities serve the community's needs.

Objective 1: Lane offers comprehensive programs that support individual and community needs
Objective 2: Lane serves the intellectual and social needs of the community through non-academic programs and services

Core Theme 2: Accessible and Equitable Learning Opportunities

Lane's policies, procedures, programs, and services facilitate open, fair and just educational experiences.

Objective 1: Lane minimizes barriers and maximizes opportunities for diverse student populations

Core Theme 3: Quality Educational Environment

Lane's quality educational environment embraces academic and instructional integrity, relevancy, rigor, innovation and transparency.

Objective 1: Lane employs high-impact practices
Objective 2: Lane faculty and staff regularly engage in professional development
Objective 3: Lane's curricula are designed with intention to support discipline-level/program-level, and college-level outcomes

Core Theme 4: Individual Student Achievement

Lane's students advance on their academic paths and reach their educational goals.

Objective 1: Students progress toward their educational objectives
Objective 2: Students complete their educational goals

To learn about how the college developed these themes in winter through summer 2015, please see History page.