Message from College Council

Message from College Council

Lane Community College’s 2016-2021 Strategic Plan provides a five-year framework for achieving objectives in support of our core themes of responsive community engagement, accessible and equitable learning opportunities, quality educational environment, and individual student achievement.

Even through ongoing challenges to our ability to maintain our comprehensive mission including state disinvestment in higher education, enrollment declines, and resource constraints, Lane remains committed to our long history of supporting student success. We recognize that students have different goals and their successes take a variety of forms, and we also recognize that student learning is central to every form of student success. Student learning requires excellence in teaching, quality support services, and responsiveness to our internal and external communities. It also requires removal of barriers to access and learning and a respectful, inclusive learning environment.

Our 2016-2021 strategic plan builds upon our existing work around student success and institutional effectiveness, focusing on five interrelated strategic directions designed to advance this work in response to present and foreseeable needs:

2016-2021 Strategic Directions

Commitment to Student Learning and Success
A Culture of Teaching, Learning and Innovation
Access, Equity and Inclusion through Social Justice
Strengthened Community
Financial and Environmental Stewardship

The structure of the plan, which identifies objectives and focused strategies for each strategic direction, is intended to provide clarity and understanding of the focus for our work over the next five years.

We are committed to seeing plan outcomes realized through intentional implementation planning; collaborating in new ways of working together and breaking down silos; overcoming challenges and constraints through innovation, measured risk-taking, and creativity; and regular assessment of our progress.

This plan reflects input and contributions from throughout the college community and the communities we serve and provides a framework for guiding, organizing and prioritizing our work over the next five years. We are deeply appreciative for the many contributors to this document.