Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC)

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) engages the campus community in understanding of Core Themes and objectives; assesses the effectiveness of the College’s planning, improvement, and assessment systems and structures; evaluates progress toward mission fulfillment; and provides information and recommendations to the campus and community.

The IEC is co-chaired by the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the Vice President of Finance & Administration, and facilitated by the Associate Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. Committee membership is comprised of representatives from all areas of the college: faculty, staff, students, and management. Some memberships are by position, while others are by rotating assignment.

IEC Membership

Position: Member: Appointed By:
Academic Program Review Oversight Committee Chair Kate Sullivan Position
ASA Project Manager & Program Review Coach Tammie Stark Position
Assessment Team Chair Tammy Salman Position
Assessment Team Representative Christine Andrews Assessment Team
AVP for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Vacant Position
College Council Representative Chris Rehn College Council
Diversity Representative Marsha Sills Diversity Council
Faculty At Large Jim Salt LCCEA
Faculty Council Representative Gerry Meenaghan Faculty Council
Director of Data Analytics & Research Vacant Position
IR Faculty Researcher Molloy Wilson Position
IT Project Coordinator Barbara Barlow Powers Position
Manager At Large Ian Coronado MSC
P2P Representative Carla Arciniega P2P
Program Review Representative Vacant
Student Affairs At Large Brandon Gibson ASA
Student Affairs Manager Lida Herburger ASA
Student At Large Vacant ASLCC
Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs Paul Jarrell Position
Vice President of Finance & Administration Position

Meeting agendas and minutes from the Institutional Effectiveness Committee are found on the Agenda and Minutes page.