Print Management

Print Management

Lane Community College began the process of creating a formal print management system for students, faculty, and staff in January of 2012. This multi-year work was done by a campus committee chaired by Barbara Barlow-Powers and Bill Schuetz. The final steps of the project were completed in early 2016.

 The key accomplishments of the project were:

  • Created a centralized process for purchase, maintenance, and billing of all copiers and printers on campus for use by faculty and staff
  • Created a centralized ordering and distribution system for toner, spare parts, and paper
  • Established an enterprise software platform, PaperCut, to control print management for faculty, staff, and students
  • Established a sensible print quota for LCC students who are eligible for participation through payment of the technology fee

Other Resources

Please direct any questions or concerns about LCC print management to:

Bill Schuetz, Interim Director of Retail Service, x3355 or

(Printing & Graphics, Retail Servies, Mail Services, & Warehouse)