Pathways to Opportunity: Community Partners Summit

Pathways to Opportunity: Community Partners Summit

What is Pathways to Opportunity?

Pathways to Opportunity (PTO) is a statewide project supported by the Oregon Presidents' Council and the Higher Education Coordination Commission's Office of Community College and Workforce Development.

The Pathways to Opportunity initiative is designed to increase equitable access to education, training and economic mobility. It encourages interagency collaboration and “braiding” of service funds in an effort to increase resources and services that can better support those facing financial barriers to education. 

The Lane Community College Pathways to Opportunity: Community Partners Initiative brings together Lane County social service agencies, Community Based Organization's and workforce partners, with a shared interest in closing opportunity gaps and improving access to education and workforce development opportunities. 

At the event, we will explore ways to improve interagency collaboration, facilitate more seamless adult student referrals from partner agencies, and help improve access to federal, state, and local resources by low-income and underrepresented populations of Lane County.

A “Hunger on Campus” study in 2016 of students from higher education institutions across the country, including Lane, cited that 64 percent of food insecure students also reported some type of housing insecurity in the past year and 15 percent of food-insecure students reported they experienced some type of homelessness. Nationally, about 2 in 3 community college students experience food insecurity and about half of community college students experience housing insecurity, based on the 2017 “National Study of Basic Needs Insecurity in Higher Education.” That study also found that 13 to 14 percent of community college students experienced homelessness.

Results from Initiative Surveys:

Improving Access to Education & Training

Improving Access to Community Services

For more information, contact Rosa Lopez at or (541) 463-4726