Open Education Resources

Open Education Resources (OER)

Lane OER Faculty Fellowship logoLane Community College is committed to identifying, promoting the use of, and encouraging development of high-quality and viable open, free, or low-cost educational and course materials.

Social networks, the Internet, and other knowledge-sharing technologies have shown great potential in recent years for education and pedagogical methods. Lane seeks to transform lives by learning through increasing access to knowledge, improving the quality of course materials, and promoting the professional development of Lane faculty in the development of open educational resources.

WOW award 2013 logo Current OER projects include the award-winning OER Faculty Fellowship, which has saved students $466,650 a year in textbook costs (and counting)!

OER Project Goals:

  • Identify and collect OERs available to college instructors
  • Assess the viability and quality of OERs for college-level education
  • Promote the use of OERs among instructors at Lane
  • Increase ease of use of OERs among instructors
  • To be at the forefront of research and development in the potential improvement to education through technology, fulfilling Lane's obligation as a member of the League of Innovation
  • Develop a pilot OER implementation for actual use in Lane Community College courses beginning fall 2010
  • Encourage the development of OERs by Lane faculty and improve professional development opportunities
  • Foster a culture of open knowledge, affordable course materials, and sharing at both Lane and in higher education as an industry