Disbursement Information

Award Information - Disbursement Information

After you have received an award letter from Financial Aid and have completed all additional processes, the 2017/2018 disbursement schedules listed below provide an estimated time frame in which you can expect a financial aid refund.

Lane disburses financial aid beginning at noon the second Thursday of each term and, in most cases, disbursement occurs every Thursday thereafter, as awards become ready for payment. Summer term is an exception**

Financial aid is applied to your account and will be used to pay tuition, fees, books and supplies before refunding any remaining amounts. If you provided permission on your Title IV Funds Release to use your financial aid to pay any other charges owed on your account at Lane, those will also be deducted from your financial aid. Any remaining amounts will be refunded to you according to the refund preference you selected when you activated your BankMobile account.

Enrollment Deadline Date

The amount of aid disbursed depends on your enrollment level as of 5:00 p.m. on the Monday prior to the disbursement date. Pay close attention to your myLane account to ensure you are in the number of credits you intend to be in by the enrollment deadline date. Adjustments to your enrollment level following this deadline may be made on an exception basis only. The Pell Grant Adjustment Request form is available online.

A Pell Grant Payment Chart is available at www.lanecc.edu/finaid/forms to help you determine a Pell Grant award at less than full-time. You may view the enrollment level requirements of loans, grants and workstudy.

2017 - 2018 Disbursement Schedule

Programs Summer 2017** Fall 2017 Winter 2018 Spring 2018
· Federal Pell Grant
· Federal SEOG
· Oregon Opportunity Grant
· Federal Perkins Loan
· Federal Direct Stafford Loans
· Scholarships
· Parent Plus Loan***
July 6 **Unless your first course starts during the:

2nd 4 wks-Aug 3; 2nd 6 wks-Aug 17;
3rd 4 wks-Aug 31

October 5 January 18 April 12
· Federal Direct Stafford Loans
(First Time Borrower*)
Aug 3 November 2 February 15 May 10
· Federal Direct Stafford Loans (one term only)
· Parent Plus Loan (Loans one term only-must be paid in two disbursements)
2nd disbursement
August 10
2nd disbursement
November 9
2nd disbursement
February 22
2nd disbursement
May 17

*If you are a first time borrower at Lane CC, Federal Regulations require that the first disbursement of Federal Direct Stafford Loans not be released until 30 days after the term begins.

**See Summer Term Students for further information.

***This date applies to students receiving the Parent Plus Loan funds. If funds are disbursed to the parent, expect processing delays of 2-3 weeks.