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If you have a news tip or story idea for Lane Community College, fill out the form below. Your suggestion will be reviewed by the Marketing and Public Relations Department.


  • Be brief and concise.
  • Headlines should be one line and include the most relevant detail, including date, if an event.
  • First, best, most, only – this is what makes a story special.
  • Who, what, when, where, why and how – include what's relevant, in order of importance.
  • Location – specify address, building, room, etc.
  • Date and time – specify weekday, month, day, and beginning and ending time. Current year is assumed and doesn't need to be stated.
  • For more information – include source name, number, e-mail, or URL.

Use Associated Press style or the Lane Community College Writer's Style Guide. Check spelling, especially names and titles, grammar, and punctuation.

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