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Monday, February 9, 2015
Satoko Motouji exhibit “Process, Continued” opens Feb. 17 at LCC

Fading by Satoko MotoujiEUGENE, Ore. – The Lane Community College Art Gallery is proud to present, Process, Continued, a solo exhibition by artist Satoko Motouji. Satoko is a fulltime instructor at Lane, teaching watercolor, drawing and design. The body of work she is exhibiting follows her latest sabbatical. Along with her work; Satoko will also be present in the gallery every Monday from 1:00 – 3:00 practicing her calligraphy.

In discussing the thought process behind her work, Satoko states, "Constant changes tinged with opposites in life seems parallel to the process of art making. Positive and negative elements and dark and light moments exist in one's life. In the same way the process of art making presents elation and disappointment. Only by going though different phases and experiencing constant change in the process, can one deepen one's perception. It is a process of self-discovery and centering of oneself."

Satoko has chosen tactile materials such as ink, handmade paper, and merino wool to contemplate the importance of the process of visual expression. Constant physical contact with these materials intensifies her perception. Simple handing of the materials, such as touching the texture of the handmade paper, watching the brush run over the surface of the woven paper and feeling the potent scent of ink in the studio, brings great joy to the action of artistic expression. At the same time, interaction with the materials and continuation of creative activities brings challenges and disappointment. To master the eloquent use of the materials, it takes years of constant, patient effort working with them. Working with ink on Japanese paper, for example, permits no hiding of mistakes. There is no going back once it is done. One has to own both success and failure or high and low moments. When a mistake is made, one has to concede it and continue making new marks. It is a dialogue between the artist and the mediums, and one learns to accept the way the materials work. This surrender to the reality is a part of way of introspection.

This simple and self-effacing acceptance of reality is essential to further one's ability to balance mind and body in this fast moving society. In this digital age, where speed and efficiency are the priorities and virtual reality is often misconstrued for reality. Satoko believes that it is important to maintain our tactile relationship with the world around us, so we can balance our digital and tactile experience.

Variance 1 by Satoko

The show runs from February 17 to March 12. There will be a lecture on Thursday, February 19 at 4:00 pm with a reception at 5:00 pm. The artist will be present in the gallery every Monday from 1:00 to 3:00 practicing calligraphy.

The galleries are located in building 11 on main campus, 4000 E. 30th Avenue. There is no charge for admission. The Art and Applied Design Department phone number is (541) 463-5409.

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