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Tuesday, February 18, 2014
LCC Dance Program presents Collaborations 2014, with guest Choreographers Christopher K. Morgan and Brian Enos

Dancers rehearse Sarah Nemecek's piece "Confluence"Eugene, Ore. – The Lane Community College dance program will present the annual dance performance Collaborations 2014 February 27- March 1. All performances will be in the Ragozzino Performance Hall on the LCC main campus at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for all performances are $10 General Admission, and $8 for Students, Staff and Seniors 55 and over. Advance tickets can be purchased at

The concert features two new works by visiting choreographers. "Teetering," by Christopher K. Morgan, is an abstract dance that explores embracing fear. Incorporating gestures, movements, imagery and staging choices that reflect hesitation, aggression, facing oneself and being at the edge of a precipice, the work has an ensemble of six dancers who reflect multiple facets of the same person. Sometimes what one fears most may very well be oneself.

Christopher K. Morgan is Artistic Director of Washington DC area contemporary dance company Christopher K. Morgan & Artists. He is also the Artist in Residence in the Dance Program at American University in Washington, DC and director of the Dance Omi International Dance Collective, an annual residency for choreographers in New York. Said to be "charming and poignant" by The New York Times, his choreography has been presented in 18 countries on 5 continents.

Dancers rehearse Sarah Nemecek's piece "Confluence"Western Oregon University Dance Program has been invited to perform "Aerie", a new work by their guest choreographer Brian Enos. Melding ballet technique with modern movement creativity, Enos created an abstract modern dance on eight dancers that includes broad strokes of kinesthetically pleasing phrases with the nuance of detailed movement.

Enos has created works for companies such as Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, Ballet Met, Nashville Ballet, DanceWorks Chicago, and Ballet Austin II, among others.

Lane Community College Dance program lead faculty Bonnie Simoa will present three pieces. Her new work for nine dancers, "Raindog", to an exquisite score by Ezio Bosso, is a moving landscape that unfolds, shifts, evolves and magically moves from tranquility to rapture.

Six dancers perform the lovely traditional Balinese dance the Gabor. This beautiful temple dance is an offering, symbolizing the joyful receptions of the Gods to the temple.

Tone Poems I & II, choreographed by modern dance pioneer Michio Ito in 1928, epitomize the power of concise symbolic expression in dance. Taught by members of the Repertory Dance Theatre, Bonnie Simoa will perform the two modern dance classics.

Sarah Nemecek will present "Confluence". "Confluence" is about a group of individuals coming together to create an ensemble. The resonant movement is a reflection on the process of the dancers coming together as an ensemble to create the piece.

Inspired by the Rumi poem, "The Breezes at Dawn", Margo Van Ummersen choreographed "Translation" accompanied by the Swedish band, Flesh Quartet. Three dancers explore writing and reading the space with the calligraphy of their bodies. In tender touch and sensuous attention to detail, font, gesture, and relationship, the dancers investigate "the round and open world", the liminal space "where the two worlds meet". Rumi reminds us to listen to "the breezes at dawn", for they have "secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep".

Anita Sanford presents two pieces. The first, "Lovecats", choreographed by Anita Sanford and Nick Davis, is a "tail" inspired by the likes of Westside Story and Romeo and Juliet. Fun and full of energy, this love story includes jazz, hip hop and swing dance. It is set to the Cure's hit from 1983 by the same name.

Her second piece is "Hanging On" is a lyrical jazz piece that expresses the struggle of leaving an unhealthy relationship. Each dancer represents a part of one's self; a part that hangs on, lets go, longs to be happy, yearns to find peace and the many more complexities in finding the strength to say goodbye to someone that was once loved.

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