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Thursday, January 2, 2014
Guillermo Peñafiel, "New Old Stories: Scotland" Exhibit at LCC; lecture Jan. 15

"Witness" by Guillermo PeñafielEUGENE, Ore. – The Lane Community College Art Gallery is proud to present the exhibition, "New Old Stories: Scotland" by photographer Guillermo Peñafiel.

Guillermo Peñafiel is a contemporary photographer working in traditional silver gelatin printing. Originally from Chile, South America, he is currently a professor of Photography at the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.

"In the past I have referred to my work as the record of non-events. In this work,
the ideas behind these Memories are as solid as thoughts of possible future occurrences and are often as real as current experience. The feeling of a child's first nightmare is as strong and as relevant in adulthood as it was the morning after the episode. History lessons in the classroom, novels read late at night, stories by firelight, invade our thoughts. The philosophies and abstract concepts I have adopted through time have coalesced into a nebula where original thought and appropriated ideas become almost indistinguishable. I focus on my ability to extract information from my memories and transcribe it into images that, although based on specific observation, are not literal translations or descriptions of one isolated incident. My work is a reflection of how I perceive reality, and it contains evidence of both a struggle and a balance between the need for control and an urge for spontaneous disorder. The images I construct are, to some extent, predetermined in my mind before they are laid down on paper, but I am always surprised by how little they resemble the original mental construct, and how closely they express the spirit of the idea. The pieces I consider successful establish connection to my intellect and to my senses; they exhibit a synergistic effect beyond my control. They reaffirm my belief that our shaping of reality is concurrent to reality's shaping of ourselves."

The show runs from January 6 through February 13. There will be a lecture and reception on Wednesday, January 15 at 3:00 pm. The gallery is located in building 11 on the main campus, 4000 E. 30th Avenue. There is no charge for admission. The Art and Applied Design Department phone number is 541-463-5409.

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