Nursing student Dave Vizcaino loves the facilities at Lane

Dave VizcainoThree years ago Dave Vizcaino decided it was time for a change. After several years working as a rehabilitation therapist, he decided to return to school and study nursing. He wants to take his passion for healthy living and make a difference in people's lives. Dave is thrilled to finally be studying in the new Health and Wellness Center at Lane Community College.

"Last year our classrooms and labs were scattered, overcrowded, and outdated. This new Health and Wellness Center creates a special environment for students and teachers to come together, collaborate, and achieve."

Dave received the Lucille Hanson Memorial and RN Luncheon Group Scholarships. He was thrilled when he received news of the awards. Knowing that he is supported by generous donors to Foundation scholarships has meant a lot to him.

"It really reminds you that all your hard work is noticed and it puts everything back into perspective. So, from me and all the other students who received awards, thank you! It really makes such a huge difference."