Melanie Harvey first came to Lane Community College in 1979

Melanie HarveyHalfway through her first year, she dropped out of school due to financial pressures. Life went on, Melanie got married, worked and raised a family, but she always dreamed that one day she would finish her degree. Thirty years later, Melanie is a student at Lane once again.

"I lived 30 years knowing I had failed at something that meant so much to me. My life has made an abrupt turn in the past year and a half since I stepped back into the halls of LCC with renewed hope, strength, purpose, goals and dreams."

Melanie was awarded the Professional Women's Network of Oregon Scholarship. She felt it was nothing short of a miracle. "I was nearing the point where I had no money to live on." The scholarship made it possible for Melanie to remain in school full-time. In the fall of 2011, Melanie will continue her studies at the University of Oregon. Her goal is to become an academic counselor at a community college so she can help students like herself finish their education and achieve their dreams.