Jason Winkler

Dedication to family leads to LCC and a career in physical therapy assisting

Jason Winkler"My Foundation scholarship has made it possible for me to finish the second year of the Physical Therapist Assistant program. In another year I will be doing the work I love, helping patients recover from injury and illness."

After a rigorous interview process, completion of prerequisites and hours spent shadowing professionals in the field, Jason Winkler's acceptance into the Physical Therapy Assistant program at Lane Community College was a dream come true.

Jason spent the better part of a decade after high school travelling, and working in the music industry in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2006, he graduated with honors from Nashville Community College. He originally planned to earn a bachelor's degree, but shortly after graduation he learned that his younger brother Bryan, a senior at the University of Oregon, had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Jason moved to Eugene, with his wife and daughter, to be near his brother and family. As Bryan deteriorated physically, unable to walk or to care for himself, Jason began looking for a way in which he could help. When he learned that Lane offered physical therapist assistant training, he applied immediately, knowing that this was the work he was meant to do.

Jason soon realized that the rigorous course schedule would allow little time to work. Though his wife worked full-time, paying tuition and supporting their young family was becoming increasingly difficult. Jason applied for scholarships through the Lane Foundation and was awarded the Robert and Bernice Ingalls Staton Scholarship which will cover many of his second-year expenses.

"This scholarship is an investment that I will pay forward. Bryan lost his battle in 2009, but he has engulfed new life into me. Even though I will not be able to work on him as my patient, I look forward to helping others recover from illness and injury."

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Source: Lane Community College Foundation, May 2012.