Darrell Wygle welds a second career

Darrell WygleIn 2008, Darrell Wygle was laid off from his job in a local machine shop.

"It was hard to hold my head up when my world, as I knew it, came crashing down on me."

Darrell began volunteering as a handy man at the Eugene Hotel, a retirement community. He knew he wanted to work in a field that was hands-on, but he also knew he needed training for a new career. Darrell decided to enroll in the Fabrication and Welding program at Lane.

Today he feels like a different person than he was three years ago. "Coming to Lane was a huge undertaking for me after being out of school for so long, but I've made it and I am extremely proud of what I've accomplished in the last two years."

Darrell is a recipient of the Robert W. and Bernice Ingalls Staton Scholarship. In June 2011, Darrell will graduate from Lane Community College with honors. He looks forward to starting a new career.