Ashley Floyd Completes Diesel Tech Degree

Ashley Floyd, diesel tech graduate

Ashley Floyd has worked hard over the last two years completing her degree in Diesel Technology. She will be graduating in June and continuing her full-time employment in the industry.

Midway through her training at Lane, she secured a mechanic's position at M.O. Nelson Trucking in Springfield, an established company in the industry with over 40 years of experience. Over time, her cooperative education position at M. O. Nelson has become a full-time career. She has had the opportunity to work on heavy haul, freight and logging trucks. She was given the opportunity to expand her knowledge in the industry by being made responsible for inventory control and working with computer the diagnosis systems.

Diesel Technology Instructor Al Clark points out that Ashley is one of a few women who have completed this program. At the year-end Diesel barbecue at Lane recently, she said that her experience at Lane has been instrumental in furthering her professional interests in the field.

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