Creating Collateral Materials

Marketing Materials

Lane Procedure for Brochures

High School Connections brochure

Department managers are responsible for ensuring that brochures produced by their departments contain accurate information, are competently written and designed, properly use the college logo and accessibility notices, and comply with accreditation standards and federal laws. Final layout for college brochures is usually done in the Printing/Graphics department. The marketing coordinator in Marketing and Public Relations can offer advice on text and design.

Basic Features of College Brochures:

  • front has department/program name near top, photo in middle, and college logo near bottom
  • the back panel includes contact information with a phone number and, usually near the bottom of the page, the college's logo and equal opportunity statement: an equal opportunity/affirmative action/veteran/disabilities institution
  • an accessibility statement should be included, see the current accessibility statement wording to use.
  • the fonts Goudy and Univers are recommended
  • use of official college color (blue PMS 287) for one of the ink colors
  • use of standard white paper
  • text that is in paragraph form should be left justified/aligned leftan uncrowded appearance (don't fill every bit of space with text)

students standing together by tree on main campus


Marketing has quality images of Main Campus, Lane students and programs, and stock photography that are available for use by other departments. If using a photograph, it should be of good technical quality and show subjects and Lane in a positive light. For brochures, it is best to use photographs that are strikingly simple, clean and uncluttered. Students must sign a photo release form before their recognizable image or testimonial statement can be used to market Lane. To access downloadable Lane photographs and release forms, visit our Photography and Video page.


Marketing and Publications has developed radio spots for School of Professional and Technical Careers, as well as general recruitment. Below is a link to our School of Professional and Technical Careers radio spots and our most recent Summer Recruitment radio spot.

  1. Radio example #1
  2. Radio example #2

Steps in Creating College Brochures:

Create a rough draft of the piece and have your department head review the draft of the text and design.

Take your draft to Printing & Graphics (P/G) and obtain an estimate for the costs for layout, paper, and printing. Complete a P/G order form. Work with P/G's graphic artist to fine-tune the design.

Review your final proof from P/G carefully. When you and your department head have decided the piece is ready, give the approval to print the brochure.