Badges 101

Badges 101

The use of digital badges is sweeping the educational nation. They are touted as a way to motivate and engage learners, to signify accomplishments and to mark completion or mastery of a skill. They can be shared with the world. Join in and find out about the Mozilla Open Badges Project, hear how badges are being used in a Lane media arts class to engage and motivate students and then try your hand at earning a badge - could be fun... game on! Badge HTML Aesthetic Color Aesthetic Principles Badge

2013 Spring In-service Presentation

Badges in Educaton presentationBadges in Education: Motivation Through Gamification
(Brad Hinson, Meredith Keene-Wilson)

Lane CC ART289: Web Production Student Interviews

  • topic 1: Flipping the Classroom [cue to .57 sec.]
  • topic 2: Badges as Motivation [cue to 4.09 sec.]
  • topic 3: Team Treehouse [cue to 5:57 sec.]

Mozilla Open Badge Project - Badges 101Earn a Badge!

  1. View information on Mozilla Open Badges Project*
  2. Open a Mozilla Backpack account. It will only take a minute. You will also be asked to use the Mozilla identifying system called Persona. It is all one system.
  3. Take the Badges 101 quiz, and earn a badge!
  4. Display your badge by linking back to Mozilla Backpack or posting to your Wordpress or Twitter account.

More infoFor more information on incorporating badges in your courses contact Meredith Keene-Wilson at

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