Engineering Transfer Suggested Course of Study

Engineering Transfer Suggested Course of Study

Our Engineering Transfer suggested course of study has more than 25 years of proven success in preparing engineering students for upper division study at universities throughout the country. Lane offers high quality instruction at low cost. Classes are small and provide personal attention by experienced faculty.

Why Study Engineering?

Do you want to invent things? Solve problems? Improve the world? Successful completion of an engineering major guarantees you a solid background in mathematics and the physical sciences, as well as exposure to the social sciences and liberal arts.

The Lane experience of pursuing an engineering degree is exciting and interesting, and provides tremendous flexibility in choosing a career direction. Sometimes an engineer or engineering student becomes interested in another area of work or study, such as medicine, law, education, or business management. The analytical and problem-solving skills developed while pursuing an engineering degree transfer well to these and other disciplines.

Suggested Course of Study



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