Speech and Communication Studies Department

Forensics Program

LCC Forensics launched its winning tradition in 1986. LCC students, some with no prior speaking experience, have won sweepstakes trophies at prestigious tournaments, personal trophies in both individual events and debate, and participated in national competitions, including the National Individual Events Tournament, the National Parliamentary Debate Tournament, and Phi Rho Pi (the national community college forensic honorary society). Lane has participated in forensics competition from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast and from the University of Oregon campus to Harvard University.

LCC Forensics is a co-curricular activity, which means you can earn college credit while you participate. For more information, you can view the course descriptions in the online class schedule for SP221, 222, and 223, running Fall, Winter, and Spring terms.

LCC Forensics awards Talent Grants for worthy speech team students. To apply for one of these, contact the Language, Literature, and Communication Division or the Forensics instructor/coach.

LCC Forensics provides intellectually motivated students with a unique opportunity for developing leadership, critical thinking, and organizational skills along with developing confident and effective speech. As one of Lane's students aptly remarked, the forensics experience at Lane expanded "not only my horizons but my dreams as well."