First Year Student

Speech and Communication Studies Department

First Year Students

The Speech and Communication Studies Department supports the college's desire to place students in appropriate classes, to provide meaningful learning experiences, and to design learning opportunities that lead to proficiency in Lane's Core Learning Outcomes, particularly in the core ability of communicating effectively.

First-year students should be aware of the following facts about our curriculum:

  • Basic Communication is our lowest-numbered, but not necessarily our easiest course. It is a survey of communication theory, and theory can be complex. The course requires one speech presentation.
  • If you are not confident in your basic college skills, such as listening, understanding complex lectures, and note-taking, you might benefit from our Listening and Critical Thinking class.
  • If you have difficulty expressing yourself in writing, you should be aware that our communication theory classes require substantial writing. Before registering for these classes, you should consider a basic writing class. Students also can take advantage of free tutoring through Academic and Tutoring Services.
  • If you fear public speaking, our performance classes are specifically designed to help you surmount your fears and build confidence. We believe you will profit by conquering (and not avoiding) public speaking in the supportive atmosphere of our classes.