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Gail, Lead Writing Tutor

Gail Stevenson (Center)
Gail Stevenson

My name is Gail Stevenson, and became a writing tutor here at Lane Community College in the winter of 2000 when I was a student working on my direct transfer to the University of Oregon. I was lucky to be able to work here as a tutor all through my university education until I earned my master's degree in 2009. Now, as a writing instructor, I still value my position as a writing tutor. Working with students one-on-one always feels special to me. I enjoy guiding students into the conventions of college writing, often having to calm their anxieties, and giving them the tools and the freedom to express their own voices, voices many never knew they were allowed to use. I love empowering students. That is what tutoring is all about for me.


I have always had a drive to help, and tutoring is an extension of that drive. This is why I want to be teacher. I have already earned my CRLA Master Tutor Certificate through Lane and a Bachelor's Degree with an English Major and a Comic Minor at the University of Oregon. I am now working on my Master's Degree in English at the University of Oregon as well. My main goal is to be an English teacher so I can bring literature to everyone. As a writing tutor, I am gaining much needed knowledge and experience in my desired field. I am a caring and patient person who works hard in the Writing Center and really enjoys that work. I truly believe helping people feel smart and confident is doing my part to better the world we all share.


Welcome to the Writing Center. Like many of you attending Lane, I am a non-traditional student and understand both the challenges and rewards of pursuing a higher education later in life. As a CRLA master tutor, I have been trained to encourage the students I work with to learn the skills and techniques needed to make the next assignment easier. Every part of the writing process, from brainstorming to perfecting source citations, is important. Most students have stronger skills in some areas and weaker skills in others. One of my favorite activities as a tutor in the Writing Center is helping students to recognize their strengths and coaching them on ways to improve. I am amazed and inspired by the academic and personal growth that students experience over the course of a term. College is a place to discover new ways of seeing the world. When you come to the Writing Center, my goal is to help you develop effective writing skills so you can give voice to your unique point of view.


In my previous life I was a social worker and counselor for thirty-two years. Counseling first-generation college students at the University of Oregon Educational Opportunity Program most closely resembles my current work as a writing tutor at Lane and was my favorite position in my career.  Being an advocate for my clients was a role I cherished, and now my main objective is to ensure students' voices and messages are fully heard by their readers, and their essays meet the requirements of their writing teachers. Each tutoring session allows students an opportunity to find better ways to frame thoughts, explore feelings, and support thesis statements through essays written in a dynamic, organized, articulate, and convincing manner. Ultimately, the connection between me, the student, and the student's writing, if successful, should contain practical, technical, as well as inspirational content that moves the student's work-in-progress to a new level of satisfaction. This is the spirit of tutoring I most enjoy, and to which I believe students appreciate and respond. This brief but highly focused exchange brings a deeper understanding of the learning process as well as a sense of awe for the creative process of writing.


Hello! I'm Jessica, a student here at Lane Community College, who has always loved writing. My grandma was an English teacher, and she sparked my interest in both writing and literature at an early age. In high school, that love of writing got me on to the school's newspaper staff as a feature writer. In my senior year I was promoted to editor and chief, which I found both challenging and fun. Now here at Lane, I have been given the amazing opportunity to be a tutor in the Writing Center. I absolutely love this job! Students come in with their own stories, writing styles, and problems. I have a great time helping them wade through their own writing processes. The question I receive most often is, "Does that make sense?" I find it immensely satisfying to help students make their opinions, stories, and beliefs clear and concise. I am helping people express themselves and what is important to them, and I am so thankful for that opportunity. I am a business major with plans to transfer to Portland State University and eventually own my own bookstore. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying taking as many literature and writing classes as possible.


I have always enjoyed helping people. Whether it's my friends, family, classmates, or even a stranger, I will do whatever I can to help. I've always felt that it is a moral responsibility to help people if you have the ability. The Writing Center allows me to learn from people while I am helping them. From research papers to personal narratives, I can learn something from a fellow student's writing. Being a tutor benefits me as a current student and as a future teacher. The different study skills, writing styles, and general life lessons learned from those I help make me a better tutor. I enjoy learning how people learn, how teachers teach, and how to keep people engaged in the material.