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Information Literacy Toolkit

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    • APA Style Quick Sheet
      APA style in text citation examples on one side. Reference list citation examples on the other.
    • Copyright and Plagiarism
      Defines and discusses copyright on one side and plagiarism on the other.
    • Database Search Tips
      A list of tips on how to craft more effective database searches.
    • Developing a Research Question
      When you begin preparing to write a research paper, one of the most useful things you can do is to develop a research question to guide you as you work. This sheet describes how.
    • Developing a Topic and Generating Search Terms
      Highlights resources to help topic development and provides a matrix to guide search-term brainstorming.
    • EasyBib
      Learn how to find EasyBib, log in for the first time and create a project, as well as how to cite sources and create a finished works cited list or bibliography of references.
    • Evaluating Articles
      Provides a lists of considerations for students to keep in mind as they determine whether or not an article from a journal, magazine, newspaper or website is appropriate for the task at hand.
    • Evaluating Information
      Lists and describes criteria to help evaluate print or online information.
    • Google Scholar
      Describes the utility of Google Scholar and provides instructions on its use, including how to modify your Google Scholar settings to take advantage of the Library Links Program.
    • Google Search Tips & Modifiers
      Provides tips on Google-specific search modifiers to refine searches and get the best results. Created by Google.
    • Library Vocabulary
      A list of library-related vocabulary words with their definitions. Especially useful for ESL or ABSE students.
    • MLA Citation Guide
      A more extensive list of examples of works cited page citations in MLA style.
    • MLA Style Quick Sheet
      MLA style in text citation examples on one side. Works cited list citation examples on the other.
    • Scholarly and Popular Articles: What is the Difference?
      Explains the difference between articles from popular magazines and scholarly journals, with examples of each.
    • Scholarly Articles: What to expect
      Learn about the kinds of information provided in scholarly articles, how to find them and weave them into a project.
    • Website Evaluation
      Lists four specific steps you can take to help you evaluate whether or not a website is appropriate for use in college-level classes.
    • Wikipedia: The Good and the Ugly
      Lists appropriate and inappropriate uses of Wikipedia for college-level research.

    Total Handouts: 17