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    Library-Designed Assignments and Exercises

    We often develop specialized Library handouts, assignments, and websites for particular classes. Let us know what you need, and we'll work closely with you to ensure that students have the information they need to perform research for your class. See library liaisons by subject for contact info.

    On Creating Research Assignments

    • View information literacy and research skills as a muti-step process. Scaffolding and skill-building is essential.
    • Test the assignment out yourself. Is it achievable? Does the library have the necessary resources? Is the level appropriate?
    • Make sure students have the appropriate skills, knowledge and training to make the assignment meaningful. i.e. if students are asked to find scholarly sources, do they know what a scholarly source is, what type of info to look for in those sources and why? Is this the best type of source for their assignment goals?
    • Consider assigning research projects in multiple steps with checkpoints to scaffold necessary skills and provide students with appropriate guidance. This is more effective and reduces plagiarism.
    • Talk to us! Let us know what assignments your students are working on and provide us with copies so that we can effectively help them on the reference desk.
    • Bring your class in for library instruction at a point in the term when they can apply IL skills to their course assignment.


    • Prepacked assignments. Libraries have different resources. Avoid using library assignments from textbooks.
    • Scavenger hunts for books. Roaming around the library looking for trivia is not research and tends to promote learned helplessness.
    • Incomplete or incorrect citations to sources you wish students to use. Consult a librarian for a complete and accurate citation.
    • Limiting research to a particular resource. Thirty students trying to use one or two books or magazine articles is stressful to everyone, and shortens the lifespan of the resource.

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