Sample Forms

Sample Forms

Sample forms are for your convenience. You can save them and modify for your own business, or use as is. Charts and other information are gathered from various sources.

If you do not see a form on this list that you would like added, please EMAIL your request about what you would like to see.

Accident report form 1

Accident report form 2

Affordable Advertising

Attendance Record sample 1

Attendance Record sample 2

Beginning Business Basics

Considerations When Evaluating Staff Members


Daily Schedule Sample

Daily Schedule Sample 2

Daily Schedule Sample 3

DHS Programs

Diaper Change Tracking Form

Discipline, Setting Guidelines

Discipline, Sample Policy

Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization

Enrollment and Authorization Form

Enrollment Schedule Planner Sample 1

Enrollment Schedule Planner Sample 2

Enrollment Schedule Planner Sample 3

ERDC becoming Listed

ERDC other ICCP programs

Evaluating Staff

Exposure to Illness Notice

Field Trip Permission form

Field Trip Notice to Parents

Fire Drill Record

Flier Sample 1

Flier Sample 2

Flier Samle 3

Immunizations Quick Reference Guide
For more information and forms, visit the Department of Human Services immunization Programs for Oregon Immunization guidleines.

Incident Report form


Law center contract

Medication Permission

Payment Tracking And Year End Statement for Parents

Parental Notification Form About The Role of Mandatory Reporters

Rules for Excluding Sick Children

Poison Control

Resources for Provider

Suggestions For Telephone Interviews

Things to include in your Contract and Policy

Toxic Plant List

Toxic Plant List

Training sources

4 week USDA sample menus

USDA weekly menu plan

USDA infant food guide

USDA Toddler food guide

USDA 2-12 years food guide

Other 4 week menu plans

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