Titan Pride


What is Titan PRIDE?

We transform lives through learning by

...showing up authentically for students and colleagues, and following through with integrity and accountability,

...establishing and maintaining high service standards, and anticipating needs to refine and improve continuously,

...exceeding expectations to let students and colleagues know that they are welcome and valued,

...collaborating and communicating as a cohesive service team, and

...doing it all with respect and courtesy, always.

Titan PRIDE is a concept born out of a series of forums and conversations held across campus in 2018-19 focused on service. Together with multiple stakeholders across the college, we developed a definition of service mindset and service excellence at Lane, and a vision of a shared standard of care for colleagues and students.

This work will become a part of college operations in every department and area, through department planning, recognition of Titan PRIDE ambassadors, and a continued emphasis on the service we provide to both internal and external customers.

This site will be updated regularly as the Titan PRIDE concept continues to develop. If you’d like to get involved, or if you have ideas to share, please email us at TitanPRIDE@lanecc.edu.

How we define Titan PRIDE

The PRIDE acronym identifies five characteristics necessary for service excellence. Definitions for these five characteristics were developed through forums and feedback across the college, and are intended to apply to all employees at Lane, regardless of department or position:


  • Being attentive and taking pride in our work
  • Effective, timely, and respectful communication with students, colleagues, and community
  • Knowledge and competency in our work areas
  • Sharing information to keep myself and others informed and current


  • Maintaining high standards
  • Flexibility and openness to engage in new ideas and improvements
  • Cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork
  • Careful stewardship of resources
  • Taking ownership and being accountable for our work


  • Anticipating and proactively meeting needs and expectations
  • Creating welcoming environments for inquiry and learning
  • Focusing on the experience of students and community
  • Respecting and valuing inquiry


  • Following through to get the job done
  • Rising to challenges with skill and integrity
  • Doing what’s needed to reach our common goals
  • Motivating and inspiring ourselves and our colleagues to put students first in all we do


  • Authentic, personal connections
  • Meaningful and respectful collaboration
  • Invested in service and student success outcomes
  • Actively seeking knowledge and professional growth
  • Appropriate, effective communication