President Search

LCC Presidential Search

In response to the planned retirement of current LCC President Dr. Margaret Hamilton, the LCC Board of Education voted on June 23 to select a search firm to assist with the presidential search process. At its July 21 meeting, the Board of Education selected ACCT Searches, a division of the Association of Community College Trustees, a national organization specializing in educating community college boards and advocating on behalf of community colleges.

A 15-member advisory committee of employees, students and community members will oversee the process, select and interview candidates, and make a recommendation to the Board of Education. The goal is for board members to select a new president by April 2022 and for the new president to begin work in the role by July 1, 2022. View the timeline.

Community Involvement Opportunities

Lane is the community’s college and feedback from employees, students and community members is an integral part of the search process. In the beginning stage of the process, feedback will be gathered in the following ways to and used to develop a presidential profile:

  • Attend a forum planned Oct. 6-12 for employees, students, and the community.
    • Employee Forums: Wednesday, Oct. 6, noon to 1 p.m. and Friday, Oct. 8, 2-3 p.m. Check email and the Lane Weekly employee newsletter for Zoom link to join.
    • Community Forums (Students and employees unable to attend other forums are also invited.)
    • Student Forum: Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2-3 p.m. Check email and Titan Times student newsletter for Zoom link to join.
  • Give feedback in the online survey available through 3 p.m. Oct. 12

Focus groups with members of our BIPOC communities are also planned.

What’s a presidential profile? A presidential profile is like an in-depth job announcement that outlines not only the desired qualifications and characteristics of candidates, but the institutional opportunities and challenges that interested candidates should be qualified and prepared to address. The forums will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to share feedback to create the profile. 

LCC Presidential Selection Advisory Committee Members

Lane Community College provides educational opportunities at several locations, including its Mary Spilde Center located in downtown Eugene.

  • LCC Presidential Selection Advisory Committee Members
  • LCC Board of Education Chair: Lisa Fragala
  • LCC Board of Education Vice Chair: Rosie Pryor
  • LCCEA designee: Adrienne Mitchell, LCCEA President
  • LCCEF designee: Frankie Cocanour, LCCEF President
  • LCC Manager: Russ Pierson, Dean of Florence Center
  • Lane SGA designee: Jeremiah Vandagrift, Lane SGA President
  • LCC Student Identity Union appointee: Matthew Murdock, LCC Native American Student Association (NASA) member
  • LCC Foundation designee: Diana Learner, LCC Foundation Executive Committee President
  • K-12 Representative: Carlos Sequeira, Lane ESD Assistant Superintendent
  • Chamber Representative: Charlie Kimball, CFO Murphy Company & Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chair
  • City Representative: Sarah Medary, City of Eugene City Manager
  • Workforce Development: Kristina Payne Executive, Director of Lane Workforce Development
  • University Partner: Anil Oommen, Director of the School of Learning & Teaching, Pacific University (Eugene)
  • At Large Communities of Color: Susan Cox, VP of Public Policy & External Relations, Holt International
  • At Large Communities of Color: Miles Pendleton, President, Eugene-Springfield NAACP