Women in Transition

Women in Transition

Career and Life Planning with Life Transitions

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This learning community is a one-term, seven-credit entry program that empowers women in transition to become economically self-sufficient and improve their lives through access to education. The program focuses on life and career planning, decision making, goal setting, self-exploration, and self-esteem building. Optional courses include effective learning, computer skills, math, writing, college success and physical education. Coordinated through the Women's Program, this learning community offers individual advising, support services, and convenient day, evening, and online courses.

For information on the entry process for the Women in Transition Program, contact the Women's Program at (541) 463-5353 or visit lanecc.edu/wp.

Course Descriptions

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CG140T Career and Life Planning

CG220 Life Transitions

The Women's Program offers additional classes that can be taken along with this learning community. For more information, visit Women in Transition.