Writing for Business Success

Developing ethical business leadership skills through critical reading and writing

Success created by leadership, communication, ethics, society, knowledge, diversity, and responsibilityJoin us for a learning community combining BA101 Introduction to Business and WR121 Introduction to Academic Writing

Along with the core curriculum of each of these foundational classes, we will also explore the following questions:

  • Who are leaders and why?
  • What is ethical leadership?
  • How do individuals recognize privilege and pursue self-empowerment?
  • How do we recognize and address ethical issues?
  • Why is diversity, on a local and international scale, important?
  • How does ethical business leadership shape and influence our society?
  • How are different communication styles effective in various contexts?
  • Who is ultimately responsible for ethics, social responsibility, corporate citizenship, and community?
  • How can opinions be transformed into knowledge and understanding necessary for sound professional decision making?

Registration Information for Fall 2014

This learning community has been canceled due to low enrollment. Spaces are still available in the individual classes.

CRN 24009, BA 101 Introduction to Business, TuTh 10:00a-11:50a
CRN 20873, WR 121 Intro to Academic Writing, TuTh 12:00p-01:50p

Course Descriptions

BA101 Introduction to Business

WR121 Introduction to Academic Writing