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Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC):

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Resources for Using Writing in Your Courses

For the past two years, our March "Tea and Topics" have focused on "Writing Across the Curriculum," a term for a practice and philosophy that values writing as a tool 

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for thinking and learning, one which should be developed across disciplines throughout a student's education. This year, Writing Program Coordinator Siskanna Naynaha and former Writing Program Coordinator Kate Sullivan began our discussion. Here's their handout with useful links and guiding questions:

Tea and Topics Handout 2012: Using Writing in Your Classes

Writing and On Course

Lane's Writing Program Blog Metaphrasis has lots of useful assignments and ideas for embedding writing in your own curriculum.

Below are links to resources for you to try out in your own classrooms. Some are sophisticated, some very simple and straightforward. Writing in the disciplines can be time-consuming, and so assignments are designed with this in mind.

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In his article, "Redefining College Readiness," David Conley lays out four "facets of college readiness." Writing across the curriculum can positively impact two of them in particular: student understanding of key concepts, structures and assumptions in the disciplines, and metacognition.

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