Tea and Topics

Tea and Topics: Talk About Your Teaching

A 2011-12 League for Innovation Schafer Innovation Award Winner

All faculty and instructional support staff are invited to join us for these afternoons of light refreshment and conversation focused around a specific topic related to student learning and success. Sponsored by Learning Communities and the Title III Engaging Students grant, these afternoons provide occasions for faculty across disciplines to get to know one another better, to develop an interdisciplinary perspective around issues related to student success, to share information and to problem-solve. Come to all of the planned events, or just drop in on one of them. Part-time faculty are eligible to receive a stipend for attendance.  

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2012-13 Tea and Topics Schedule:

Date  Loctation Topic
THURSDAY, November 1
3-5 pm
CML 225 New Directions in Developmental Education
FRIDAY, November 30
3-5 pm
Bldg 3
Rm 216
Promoting Digital Literacies
THURSDAY, January 10
3-5 pm

Bldg 30
Rm 114

Infusions 2013: Helping Your Students Learn About College Customs, College Knowledge and College Success
FRIDAY, February 15
3-5 pm
Bldg 30
Rm 114
Writing to Learn, Writing Across the Curriculum
3-5 pm
Bldg 30
Rm 114
FRIDAY, April 12
3-5 pm
Bldg 19
Rm 243
Diverse Students, Cultural Difference, Student Success
3-5 pm
Bldg 19
Rm 243
Why the First Year Matters: Understanding What Helps New Students to Succeed

Choosing Topics: 

We choose topics based on issues that emerge in conversations about student success across campus. Over the past several years of the Title III Grant, various faculty development events have engaged a wide variety of topics, including

  • Development Learning Communities and Student Success
  • What is "Integrated Learning"?
  • How to Help Students "Master Self Management"
  • Understanding the Multiple Facets of College Readiness
  • Diversity and First Year Experiences
  • What Does the Liberal Education Model Mean for Student Success?
  • Writing Across the Curriculum/ Writing in the Disciplines
  • Computer Literacy for Online Courses

Help us choose a topic!

If you have a topic related to improving student learning and success, please email Anne McGrail, Learning Communities Coordinator at mcgraila@lanecc.edu.  

Previous Tea and Topics 2011-12

  • Merrill Watrous talks about using Doug Lemov's book, Teach Like a Champion in her college classes
  • "Teaching Core Learning Outcomes and Student Success" with Assessment Team members Barbara Breaden and J.S. Bird
  • "Interdependence and Personal Responsibility: INfusing the 2011-12 Student Success/On Course Principles Across the Curriculum"
  • "Innovations in Developmental Education" Join ALS faculty Adrienne Mitchell, Steve McQuiddy and others as they discuss what the Academic Learning Skills faculty are doing to increase pre-college students' success.
  • "Student Writing Across the Curriculum" with Writing faculty Siskannah Naynaha and Kate Sullivan
  • "DIY Infusions: Checking in on Integrative Assignments and College Success Infusions": faculty share their infusions, integrative assignments, etc. and plan for summer work.
  • "Copyright and Fair Use in the Digital Age: Evolving Understanding and Responses." Join Lane Library faculty and

Previous Tea and Topics 2010-11

  • Developemental Education and Student Success
  • Faculty Developemnt Sharing on Curricular Infusions from September Workshop
  • Student Success in Online Learning Environments
  • Getting and Staying Connected: Integrated Curriculum and Faculty Collegiality
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • Two day workshop led by the co-directors for the Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Higher Education

Previous Tea and Topics 2009-10

In 2009-10, we sponsored three "Tea and Topics" afternoons: one focused on the diversity of First Year Experiences for students, with Guest Speaker Dr. Cara DiMarco discussing her Women and Transitions curriculum. A second "Tea and Topics" featured a program planning discussion with Counseling Department faculty about the best paths to developing First Year Experience Learning Communities ("Fast Lanes to Success"). We also discussed how faculty are infusing the On Course College Success curriculum into their courses. A third "Tea and Topics" centered around integrated learning and curricular infusion: More than twenty faculty helped choose an "On Course Principle" to infuse into curricula across campus in 2010-11. This conversation and a follow-up at Spring Conference led to the choice of "Mastering Self-Management" as the guiding On Course Principle for infusing curriculum in 2010-11. These conversations also inspired the distribution of thousands of planning calendars for new students at the Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR) sessions. Learn more about how the On Course curriculum can be infused into courses across disciplines.