Learning Communities Charter


Learning Communities at Lane


1. Maintain and strengthen existing learning communities (LCs) and foster the faculty's continued involvement.

2. Continue to identify and organize faculty who are interested in participating in LCs

3. Provide training for interested participants in LCs

4. Revisit and update LC applications to better align LCs with students' path and needs

5. Consider Night and Summer LCs.

6. Develop "Freshman" and "Sophomore" level LCs—become more intentional about sequencing.

7. Continue to develop the infrastructure to facilitate and support LCs

8. Ensure continued collaboration with Reading Together and Service Learning in LCs

9. Establish equitable ways of assigning workload and compensation for work on and in LCs.

10. Continue to promote LCs

11. Establish consistent assessment procedures including enrollment data and begin tracking student retention.

12. Mainstream widespread LCs as a primary goal of the college.

13. Establish ongoing participation in regularly-scheduled outreach activities.

14. Develop grants and more extensive Foundation support.