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Money for College and Writing for Scholarships

Applying for scholarships requires commitment and persistence, as well as skill development in research, planning, self-assessment, and writing. To write a successful scholarship application, you need to think at a deep level about your self, your accomplishments and your life goals.

Prepare for the challenge of applying for scholarships by taking this learning community: it combines Writing 105, a 2-credit scholarship essay writing class with a 2-credit scholarship research and application class. Interested participants must enroll in both classes. These linked classes provide the structure and support for students to self-reflect, self-assess, and capably write about the rather personal information that is necessary to complete quality scholarship applications. Students learn and apply Internet and library research skills, while they also develop planning and organizational abilities.

Registration Information

This Learning Community is offered Winter term only.

These courses are designed for you to take together. Choose one pair and enter both CRNs in myLane at the same time. Once registered, you may not drop one class without dropping both classes.

To enroll in this learning community, you must have either successfully passed WR115 or placed into WR121.

CG105 Money for College
WR105 Writing for Scholarships

Course Descriptions

CG105 Money for College

This course provides a systematic approach to researching and applying for scholarships. Topics include: creating a scholarship portfolio, Oregon Student Assistance Commission application, Lane Foundation application, print and internet resources, research strategies, and tips for effective scholarship interviews. You will identify your skills, accomplishments, life experiences, values, and goals, then learn strategies to communicate them effectively on scholarship applications. Panels and guest speakers will share their perspectives on the scholarship process.

WR105 Writing for Scholarships

The course provides a systematic approach to writing essays required for scholarship applications. It will include frequent writing exercises with extensive revision of drafts to help students learn essay writing strategies, styles, and methods to express themselves clearly, effectively, personally, and genuinely. Assignments will be based on essay topics from the Oregon Student Assistance Commission application. NOTE: This two-credit writing course will not count toward a WR 115/115W, 121, 122, 123 or 227 writing course.Learning Communities logo