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Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term

Are you ready to start your math classes?

Get a jump start here with Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term

name of learning community written on chalkboardStart your term with Math 10 and then jump ahead in week six to Math 20. At the end of the term, you'll be ready to start your program level math whether it's Math 60, 52, 25, or 75.

Who should take Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term?
This learning community is perfect for students who are motivated to complete two math courses in one term and who are confident about their skills in multiplying and dividing whole numbers without a calculator.

Why should I take Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term?
Students who start their math classes early and stick with them are most likely to be successful in college. Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term allows students to progress through two classes in just one term.

How many credits is it?
Students must enroll in both Math 10 and Math 20 for a total of six credits.

How much does it cost?
Students will pay for six credits.

How much time is required?
Students will spend six hours per week in class and should plan to spend an additional twelve hours per week studying and doing homework for the classes. For all college classes, students should expect to spend about two hours per week on homework for every hour of class each week.

How many other classes should I take?
Full-time student status is equal to a total of twelve credits; thus, students enrolling in Math 10 + Math 20 = 1 Term should take no more than six additional credits for a full-time schedule.

Can I take just Math 10 or Math 20?
No, this is a learning community. The courses are co-requisites; students must register for both CRNs at the same time.

What if I am struggling to pass the Math 10 part?
Talk to your instructors as soon as possible to learn about the options for both the Math 10 part and Math 20 part.

Registration Information for Spring 2014

This learning community has been canceled for Spring Term.

These courses are designed for you to take together. Enter both CRNs in myLane at the same time. Once registered, you may not drop one class without dropping both classes.

CRN 43782, MTH010 Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals, MWF 9:00a-10:50a
CRN 43881, MTH020 Math Renewal, MWF 9:00a-10:50a

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MTH010 Whole Numbers, Fractions and Decimals

MTH 020 Math Renewal