Creating Success in the Studio and Beyond

Creating Success in the Studio and Beyond

A learning community for arts majors

Art 109 The Artist Experience and
CG 100 Visualizing College Success

Take courses together—meet new friends, learn more deeply

painting that says Success is liking yourself, what you do and how you do it

What does it take to be an artist or art professional in the applied arts? What skills do you need to develop in the studio, the classroom, and in your life? How can you develop confidence in your own creativity and artistic abilities? How have successful professional artists developed these skills in their own life and work?  If you are considering majoring in the fine or applied arts, this 4-credit learning community will help you address these questions.

In ART 109: the Artist Experience, you will meet a variety of faculty and professional artists in the fields of fine art, graphic design, multimedia and other applied arts, who will introduce their work first hand. These artists and professionals will discuss how they have dealt with some of the issues inherent in being a professional artist.

CG100: Visualizing College Success is designed with artists in mind. You will use an experiential format, including journaling and art making, to explore common barriers to success, increase self-awareness, and improve self-management skills as they apply to your life as a student, an artist and beyond.

This Learning Community is offered Fall term only.