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  • BI112 Cell Biology for Health Occupations and
  • CH112 Chemistry for Health Occupations

This learning community combines Chemistry for Health Occupations (CH 112) and Cell Biology for Health Occupations (BI 112) into a foundational course for students interested in pursuing the Anatomy and Physiology sequence at LCC. Through a variety of laboratory, group, lecture, and computer activities, students explore the life of the cell and the molecules that compose it, thus preparing students for the study of human organ systems that occurs in Human Anatomy and Physiology (BI 231, 232, 233). This learning community satisfies the prerequisite for Anatomy and Physiology I (BI 231).

Who should take the BioBonds Learning Community?

The BioBonds Learning Community is aimed at those students who are pursuing para-professional health programs such as nursing and dental hygiene. It is not acceptable as a pre-requisite for medical school admissions or many other professional health programs, e.g. pharmacy, physical therapy, dentistry. However, BioBonds may be useful as preparation for taking the 200-level biology and chemistry courses that do meet medical school admissions standards. At Lane, those sequences are: BI 211-213 and CH 221-223. Alternately, you may take a 100-level biology course such as BI 101, 102, or 103, or a 100-level chemistry course such as CH 150 or CH 104 to prepare for the 200-level sequences.

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BI112 Cell Biology for Health Occupations

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