Wireless Network

Wireless Network

Student and Staff Access Network (SSAN)

The Student and Staff Access Network (SSAN) provides Internet access through wired and wireless access points in common areas on main campus, Downtown, Cottage Grove, Florence campuses, and Aviation Academy. Access is available to students who have paid the Technology fee for the current term and anyone paid as a college employee within the last six months. Lane services such as myLane, LaneDrive and Groupwise webmail are available using the SSAN, but native Banner and printing are not. Printing from the SSAN is only available in the Lane Library from a laptop checked out from the Library.


To access the SSAN, open your web browser and you should automatically be directed to the login page. If you are having trouble reaching the initial login page, close your browser and open it again and type in any URL.

Login using the same L number and password you use for logging into myLane. Note: If you change your password in myLane, it will take approximately 60 minutes before the SSAN network login is updated.

Student access to the SSAN is available beginning the first day of the current term through the last day of the term. All 12 weeks of the summer term are treated as one term.

For assistance with the using the SSAN, contact the Employee Help Desk or Student Help Desk.


The logout process is performed in either of two ways. A user will automatically be logged out if their computer does not transmit any network traffic for one hour. Users can logout manually by visiting the login page. Manual logout is provided as an option for users who want their computer to positively close any connections with the Internet. Automatic logout typically takes place at the top of the hour. All machines on the network are automatically logged out at approximately 4 a.m. each day.


Printers on the LCC network are not available to SSAN users. Printing services are available to LCC students in many computer labs. Faculty and staff can print files in their office locations, but will need to transport the files to an LCC computer that is connected to the campus network.


SSAN users must abide by the Lane Technology Use Rights and Responsibilities Policy and Student Rights and Conduct.

It is your responsibility to keep your L number (Lane User ID) and password secure. SSAN usage is logged and you are accountable for network and Internet activity that was accessed using your account.

Users are responsible for their personal computer hardware and software and for their own computer security when using the SSAN. The SSAN is not protected from the Internet by a firewall. You should take all reasonable precautions such as anti-virus/anti-spyware software and personal firewall software.

The SSAN is a shared network and any information transmitted is NOT encrypted by the network. Secure websites (https, SSL) may provide this service for users, but the SSAN and the Internet are not secure networks and should be used with appropriate safeguards. Lane Community College is not responsible for any loss of data or damage from the use of the SSAN. Do not, under any circumstances, leave portable computers, personal computing devices, or valuables unattended. Lane Community College is not responsible for lost or stolen property.