About Us

About IT

Information Technology consists of about 35 contracted staff, located at 10 work sites in 6 different buildings. The department is headed by the Engineering Leadership Team who reports to the Chief Strategy and Planning Officer.

IT Mission and Vision

Information Technology provides a broad range of technology support services to the college community. The department was formed in 2000 with the intention of integrating the existing Computer Services Department with the Instructional Technology Support Services Department to form a single technology services organization.

IT Administration

  • Fred Rankin, Infrastructure & Cyber Security Manager, 541-463-3341
  • Pat Griffin, Software Services Manager, 541-463-3343
  • Barbara Barlow Powers, End-User Services Manager (541) 463-5065
  • Cathy Nolan, Department Coordinator, 541-463-3330

IT Services

Technology Groups and Charters

Technology Council: one of the seven councils established in 2004 as part of the college governance system.

Banner and Related Systems coordinating group (BARScg): coordinates operation of the highly integrated administrative information systems and makes recommendations to the VP of Finance & Administration on overall systems management issues.