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Looking Ahead to Winter 2021 For Lane International Students

What will Winter 2021 Look Like?

Student and staff safety is our most important priority at Lane. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change around the world, we continue to provide options to keep connecting students to Lane for learning and achieving their goals! We are planning to have both a fully online option and an on campus hybrid option for Winter Term 2021 starting in January. In early November we will send a link to admitted students to confirm their choices and plans for winter term. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety situation will determine if the hybrid on campus option remains available.  

Get started at home, online campus options for Winter term

What will it be like to take classes online?

New international students living in their home country:

Robust Student Support

Online Classes will be in a cohort model with advising, tutoring and peer mentoring support. Support sessions will be scheduled so that students in other time zones can attend during normal hours for them (not in the middle of the night!) The classes will be mostly “asynchronous” which means you won’t meet at a specific time but will use video, feedback, discussion threads and other ways of learning.

Students will have access to carefully chosen learning materials and their professors in order to ask questions and get support via email and virtual sessions.

Why is starting online at Lane is a great option for students?

  • Students can get started on ESL or college credit courses including their English writing courses and all of the college credit courses will count toward their degree.
  • Getting started on these strategic courses will build success in the college courses
  • Students can save money by living at home
  • Scholarships are available for full time and part time students who start online or in-person! 
  • More support for students through cohort model that builds a sense of community
  • Get to know other students at Lane before arriving
  • Lane will continue to offer online options until students can come to campus which we hope will be soon!
  • When embassies open and Lane is welcoming on-campus studies again, those students who have already taken some classes will be able to show their commitment to studying which is an important factor in the F-1 Student Visa interview process.
  • Students can also apply now for Spring Term 2021 with orientation starting in March 2021.

Important dates to keep in mind

We are still welcoming applications from new international students! Our application deadline for Winter Term 2021 is October 1, 2020. Orientation starts in mid-December and courses start in early January 2021

Winter Term scholarship deadline is November 1, 2020

Students will need to take their English placement tests by a set date. Please watch your email.

Tuition deposits will be required and they must be paid by December 1, 2020. These deposits are not refundable.

Orientation will be in mid-December. Please check back for dates.

Course options for students taking online classes for the first time at Lane in fall term:

Students can choose part time (10 hours of ESL or 6-8 credits) or full time (20 hours of ESL or approximately 14 credits).

Costs for ESL and Credit level classes:

For students who have been studying in the USA at a different college or university you will have an individualized schedule.

Course options for students taking online classes in fall term at Lane in fall term:

Your advising team will discuss and recommend your fall classes with you in one of your individual appointments in July!

Important things to consider for online classes: 

Students need to meet all dates and deadlines to participate. .

We will be eager to welcome all students to campus in the future. Starting with online courses does not guarantee that students will receive their F-1 student visa in the future -- although it could help!

Online classes require as much (or more!) dedicated study time than in person classes.

Information about coming to campus for students

  • Students planning to come to campus in the fall, should pay the SEVIS fee and send a picture of the visa appointment. The International Admissions team will work with them to send the original I-20 once an appointment is scheduled. 
  • International Programs wants to be sure students understand that social distancing is still in effect in Oregon and likely will be through the winter and possibly into spring. Students will will be in a cohort model, living together in Titan Court, requiring Lane health insurance, and providing activities mostly online to provide students with the best experience we can in this situation. 
  • Most classes at Lane will likely be in the remote format. This means that classes may have required meeting times in zoom, be in person for some sections or be fully online. Most services at Lane will continue to be remote. New International students will have atleast on course with an in person required component.
  • Completion of placement testing, advising, housing deposits and tuition prepayments will be needed to secure the student’s place in the cohort.
  • We are constantly monitoring the local health and safety situation. Information can change at anytime.

Students already enrolled at University of Oregon, another university or on another visa who want to take classes:

Lane welcomes students from University of Oregon and other universities and on other visa types! The process has not changed from the past. We are here to help you! For admissions questions: for class questions or advising:

Currently enrolled students:

Winter classes will likely be mostly remote, but some classes will have a hybrid component that will require students to come to campus. Advisors are available to help you look at your class schedule and make sure that it fits your needs. Fully online classes are also available for students who are currently in home country or who feel most comfortable in that format. Please connect with us at or make an appointment to discuss fall class options. Settings to make a zoom appointment there are times available in early in the morning and late in the day to try to help students in many different timezones!