Dates and Deadlines

Dates and Deadlines

Full-Time Student Deadlines

Full-time international students are students who will receive their I-20 from Lane Community College.

Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2018

Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Admission Deadline

August 1 November 1 February 1

Notify Lane of Your
Visa and Arrival Plans

September 1 December 1 March 15

Online Placement Test 
Start Date

July 1 October 15 February 1

Online Placement Test

August 26 December 1 March 3

Airport Pickup and
Titan Court Move-in Dates*

September 10-11 December 15-16 March 23-24

Orientation Dates

September 12-19 December 17-21 March 25-29

First Day of the Term

September 24 January 7 April 1

Lane Community College does not admit new full-time international students for summer term.

*Airport pick up can only be accommodated during these specific days. Airport pick up and move-in to Titan Court begins at 10 a.m. on the first day Airport pick up is available each term. Titan Court cannot accommodate arrivals earlier than the move-in dates specified.

Part-Time Student Deadlines

Part-time international students are on F-1 visas and will keep their I-20 at a school other than Lane or on J, B or other temporary immigrant visas. Please visit the Part-Time Classes At Lane page for more information.

Dates and Deadlines

Summer 2018

Fall 2018

Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Admission Deadline

June 19 September 7 December 19 March 19

Enrollment Process Deadline
(2 options)

a. International Office

June 22 September 11 January 2 March 22

b. Counseling & Advising Office

June 22 September 19 January 3 March 28

First Day of ESL Term

July 2 September 24 January 7 April 1

First Day of Credit Term

June 25 September 24 January 7 April 1

Admission Deadlines

Students must complete the online application and submit all required documents prior to the admission deadlines. Students who are not able to submit all documents by the deadline will need to contact admissions to be considered for the next term.