Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Spring Conference 2019

How can we work together to move our mission forward with a student-first focus? This year, we seek to answer that question together during our Spring Conference Friday, May 3 with a theme of “We Over Me: Strengthening Community at LCC.” The day is an opportunity for meaningful engagement with our colleagues: to learn from each other, to share expertise and collaborate on our shared mission to transform lives through learning.

And, we need your help and ideas to help that transformation happen on May 3.

This year, there are two options to present: afternoon breakout sessions and, a fast-paced, show-and-tell format:“Five Minutes of Fame.” This new option is a way to quickly share good work going on at Lane or present a “trailer” to generate interest in an afternoon breakout session.

Five Minutes of Fame” RFP

We’ve created a separate “Five Minutes of Fame” RFP. Find out more about the Five Minutes of Fame RFP.

Breakout session RFP process

Requests for Proposals for breakout sessions will be accepted via the form below. There are opportunities to present a shorter, 45-minute breakout session or a longer, 1.5 hour session with a break.

We are seeking proposals for breakout sessions related to the theme of “We Over Me: Strengthening Community at LCC,” as it relates to the college as a whole, a department or program and/or the exploration of the theme as it relates to the ways that we engage with one another as employees and with students.

Address access and equity in your proposal. Proposals should feature topics and materials that are accessible, relevant, and appropriate for all employee groups and experience levels.  Consider:

  • Does the content being presented reflect a multiplicity of viewpoints?
  • How will the content be delivered? Can it be made accessible for individuals with vision or hearing disabilities? Will individuals with mobility challenges be able to fully participate?
  • Who is the audience for the content? If it’s designed for multiple employee groups and knowledge/experience levels, are those differences addressed in content and delivery?

Also, please consider how your proposal directly relates to the college’s core themes and strategic priorities.

  • Core Themes: Individual Student Achievement; Quality Educational Environment, Accessible and Equitable Learning Opportunities and Responsive Community Engagement.
  • Strategic Priorities: Student success; access and equity; and Lane as a regional economic driver.

RFP review process

This year, the number of breakout sessions will be limited. Proposals will be reviewed by the Spring Conference Planning RFP Review Sub-Committee based on relevance to theme and consideration of the core themes and strategic priorities, which includes access and equity.

Before hitting submit, please check that you filled out all requested information. The committee will only review completed proposals.

The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday, March 15.

Submitters will be notified of the committee’s decision by 5 p.m. April 4. 

For questions, please contact: Marsha Sills at (541) 463-3269 , ext. 3269 or

Please designate a primary contact as the main presenter.
If anyone else will be presenting besides the Main Presenter, please list their Name, Department/Title here.
Please provide a brief description of the session. Description must be less than 250 words.
Please provide a description of what participants will gain from the session. Description must be less than 250 words.