Spring Conference

Spring Conference 2018 – Creating a Culture of Engagement

May 4, 2018

The Spring Conference schedule has been finalized and is available.

(Final version posted, May 1, 2018.)

Spring Conference 2018 Schedule - Final Version

Keynote Speaker - Ken Bain

Spring Conference keynote speaker is Ken Bain, an educator who has founded several teaching programs across the country. Bain is author of "What the Best College Teachers Do" and his book, "What the Best College Students Do" focuses on "deep learning" and student engagement inside and outside of the classroom. The book includes interviews with Stephen Colbert, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others on the importance of nurturing curiosity and deep learning.

Here is an interview with Bain from Project Information Literacy given in 2012.  

His keynote address is designed to engage faculty and staff to think about and develop ways to create natural, critical learning environments. He'll share his expertise on the learning process to help all employees better understand how we all can contribute to our learning environment at Lane.

Following the morning plenary session, Bain will meet with faculty for a breakout session focused on the topic of "Fostering Deep Learning."

A video of Bain's keynote address may be viewed by employees after logging into their G Suite account. (Bain has requested that the video be made available to only Lane employees and not the general public.)


Morning Presenter, Kathryn Henderson

Photo of Kathryn Henderson

Consultant Kathryn Henderson will present the session, "Respectful and Inclusive Behavior," for classified staff and managers. A copy of Henderson's presentation is now available.

Henderson is a nurse by profession whose career path took her into the field of education where she has worked to promote safe and healthy schools and communities for over 30 years.

While she now makes her home outside of the small community of Jefferson, Oregon, Henderson values her strong ties and connections to Eugene and to Lane County, where she worked at Sacred Heart Hospital for a number of years and then at Lane Education Service District for just over 18 years.

She has been an adjunct faculty member at both Oregon State University and the University of Oregon.

Her work centers on working with groups to support healthy communication and collaboration.


Message from the President, Margaret Hamilton

Lane Community College President Margaret Hamilton presented information on the college's evaluation of the current governance structure which is now underway. Hamilton's talk proceeded a breakout session facilitated by governance subcommittee members of the College Council on issues such as the effectiveness and efficiencies of the current governance structure.