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The discovery phase is an exploration of the online course development process, information gathering, basic training and finding out if your course is a good fit for online delivery. We hope you enjoy exploring the following information. It may help you in your decision surrounding online teaching and learning.

The following documents outline the process.

Getting Started

If you are thinking about teaching online or redeveloping an online course come to one of our LaneOnline Course Development Orientations or make an appointment with an Instructional Designer for a one-on-one session.  This one-hour orientation will review the course development process, design framework, how to apply for funding, and answer general questions. See the Workshop Schedule for upcoming sessions or contact for more information.

Gallery Showcase

What does a quality course look like? Lane Online Faculty are already producing excellent web content. See examples of their work, or read more about their processes. In the future we will have a gallery to showcase various levels of courses; good beginnings, intermediate and exemplary. For now, check in with us or other faculty and see what everyone is up to.


Web-ready content requires in-depth consideration of how all students can access course materials. Find information here on how to work with our team to build an accessible course from the ground up, or drop in to a workshop to find out more about what accessibility means in the online realm.
Creating Accessible Courses


Providing students with low- or no-cost digital materials can increase course completion and engagement. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have materials in mind, check out our offerings and recommendations for building with Open Educational Resources. We can set you up with Lane Library's OER Librarian, Meggie Wright. She can help guide you through the OER process.
Learn about OER 
Email Meggie Wright:

OSCQR (Open Suny Course Quality Rubric)

One of the main concerns of faculty teaching online is in making sure the online course holds the same rigor and level of engagement as a traditional face-to-face course. There are so many things to think about when developing an online course; aligning work with core learning outcomes, learner engagement, social discourse, assessment and measurement, working with technology and much, much more. With this in mind we turn to the SUNY OSCQR model for creating quality courses. 
The Open Suny Course Quality Rubric 

Introduction to Moodle

Moodle is Lane's  Learning Management Software (LMS) designed using sound pedagogical principles that helps educators create effective online learning communities. It is completely web-based.

It is highly recommended that you become familiar, if not proficient, with Moodle prior to developing an online class. In a perfect world you would start by using Moodle as a supplement to your traditional course by posting a syllabus, handouts and other course information. Next, once you are comfortable, branch out with adding resources and assignments, some quizzes and possibly even a forum. 

Whether you can take your time or need a crash course you can find out how to become a Moodle Master through the ATC. There are online trainings and one-on-one assistance available through the ATC.

It is recommended you:

  • become familiar with the basics and participate in an Intro to Moodle training
  • learn how to create and use basic Resources
  • learn how to create and use basic Assignments
  • learn how to create and use simple Forums
  • learn how to set up a Quiz Bank and build a Quiz
  • become familiar with the Moodle Grade Book

For a listing of available online course trainings ranging from using Moodle to building courses go to:
ID Services Online Course Training

Teaching Elements–Need a Deeper Dive? 

In this section you will find resources for online faculty that cover topics such as research-based best practices, articles on improving the quality of online course design, what's happening in the online teaching community and more.
Go to Research and Best Practices

Supporting Success


Lane already boasts extensive tools and teams for assisting with planning any course. ID Services adds to this by expanding online options and technologies that can help with the specific challenges that face online delivery. Learn about software and tools by checking out the following:
Instructors Toolbox

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Support ranges from high-touch to learn on your own. In addition to individual mentoring with our ID team we offer support through many campus services. Our main support center is located in the Academic Technology Center. You'll also find a list of common student support services on this resource page.
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