Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design Services - assistance with designing, delivering, developing your online courses
Instructional Design Services - assistance with designing, delivering, developing your online courses

Instructional Design Services

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Current schedule: LaneOnline Course Development and Support Opportunities

DTen On-Demand Video Training

Dten training on-demandDid you miss the DTen virtual training session? Register here to watch a recording of the training “on-demand” at your own pace. Learn more about the DTen and how to use one on campus to connect to your Zoom meetings. In this training session, we will go over the following basics to get you started:

  • How to join a previously scheduled Zoom meeting
  • How to access the meeting controls
  • How to use the whiteboard
  • How to share screen to the DTen
  • How to annotate on a shared screen



Summer Workshop/Training Sessions

Course Design Introduction (CDI)
(Facilitated, asynchronous, cohort, paid 10 hours at CD rate) Three sessions offered:

  • June 28 - July 16: Instructor: Mel Stark
  • July 26 - Aug 13: Instructor: Mel Stark
  • Aug 16 - Sept 3: Instructor: Jill Gillett

Register now: CDI Summer 2021 Registration

Teaching Pairs (Improving Your OL Course)
(FPD/IDS project, cohort, paid 10 hours at CD rate)

Session dates: July 12 - Aug 5

Register now: Teaching Pairs (IYOC)

For more details about workshops, courses and self-help training go to LaneOnline Course Development and Support Opportunities. Check back often! We are just beginning to add summer workshops and training opportunities.

Need more information? Do you have an idea for a workshop? Contact ID Services at

ID Services Support Hub and the Academic Technology Center

The Instructor Support Hub
This hub is a space for triaging immediate problems and as a place where you can post questions or help others with the issues that are stumping them. Each week you'll also see a new featured practice in the course and have a chance to discuss and explore it further with one of our instructional designers.
Instructor Support Hub

Are you looking for the Academic Technology Center (ATC)? Please go to the ATC website for current ATC support information.

What is Instructional Design Services?

ID Services is geared to support instructors in the development and growth of distance education courses. The idea is to tap into not just one or two experts in DE instruction but to connect and provide a network of support and expertise from within Lane’s own online teaching community, teachers supporting teachers. We are part of the Academic Technology Department and partner with the ATC, the Design and Media Center, Lane's Library, the Center for Accessible Resources (CAR) and Tutoring Services. One big family with only one goal in mind–to assist you with all of your distance education teaching and learning needs!

What is an Instructional Designer?

At Lane, an Instructional Designer is a faculty member dedicated to helping interested LCC faculty make effective use of the web and related technologies as part of the teaching-learning process. Within this role, we are prepared to work as information resources, facilitators, consultants, advocates, troubleshooters, liaisons, advisers, and leaders.

ID Services currently has a team of six Instructional Designers; Jill Gillett, Meredith Keene, Jenn Kepka, Jen Sacklin, Mel Stark and Kevin Steeves. Meggie Wright is our OER Librarian. We are here to assist you with the logistics of instructional design as it applies to course development and improvement. Our areas of expertise cover course structure and building, accessibility, pedagogy, the use of Open Education Resources, multimedia, graphics and more.

Our Core Process for Course Development (or improvement)

Our goal is to prepare and assist faculty in developing and delivering courses following research-based best practices for student success and retention. The course development and improvement process are intended for any courses designated as a Distance Education modality

The following documents outline the process: 

* At this time, ID Services does not have training in place that addresses the specific needs of a pedagogical approach to teaching within a hyflex modality. The Dten Virtual training offers information on the technology.

Explore the training options below and chart your course! 

  • Discover: Course Design Introduction (CDI)
    Join your faculty colleagues and an instructional designer in a three-week online course covering current research and best practices around online teaching. There will also be an introduction to accessibility and universal design. This course is facilitated by an instructional designer. The course is asynchronous. Any faculty member teaching this year is eligible to participate. You do not need to have been assigned a course for a future term to enroll in CDI. CDI is a paid opportunity (10 hours at the CD rate). 
    For the current schedule go to LaneOnline: Course Development and Support Opportunities

  • Design: Course Planning (CP) 
    It's time to develop a roadmap! The planning phase is key to the development process. This is the big picture where you'll generate ideas, work on learning outcomes and plan activities and assessments. We have a basic template to help you plan your course. Use it for organizing and setting up the course schedule; weeks/topics, learning outcomes, lectures/readings/research and activities and assignments. There are accessibility checkpoints included and an area for course management notes. While much of the work is on your own there will be an instructional designer standing by in the wings to assist when you need it. CP is a paid opportunity (10 hours at the CD rate). 
    Please contact for more information on how to get started!

  • Develop: Course Development Studio (CDS)
    This is the supported course development workspace for faculty to get the course created or to redesign a course for a new modality using OSCQR standards as a guide. Upon completion of CDI, including completing a course plan (CP) and approval from the dean, faculty can access the Course Development Studio (CDS) and work individually with an instructional designer and ATC staff for assistance developing the course. This virtual workspace is a paid opportunity (up to 60 hours at the CD rate). 
    Please contact for more information on how to get started!

  •  Deliver: Course Improvement (CI)
    • Course Refresh
      Now that you've taught your course and know what works and what doesn't, it's time to improve it. In this process, you'll review your course with OSCQR and identify the top two areas needing improvement. OSCQR topic areas include; overview and information, technology and tools, design and layout, content and activities, interaction, and assessment and feedback. An ID will be standing by to help you achieve your improvement goals. This improvement process is intended for any courses designated as a Distance Education modality. The process includes completing a course plan (CP) and approval from the dean to participate. Course Refresh is a paid opportunity (up to 40 hours at CD rate).
      Please contact for more information on how to get started!

    • Teaching Pairs: Improving Your Online/Hybrid Course 
      Team up with colleagues to improve your online course through a structured, evaluative course review and reflection process. We will set up a framework for peer review of our online or hybrid courses using the Teaching Squares/Teaching Pairs model. There are two Zoom class meetings and online time spent reviewing one another's courses. The term time commitment is approximately 10-12 hours total. A $300.00 stipend is awarded at the completion of the project. This project is a joint effort between Academic Technology, Faculty Professional Development and LCC faculty. Registration is required. Limited to 16 participants. 
      For the current schedule go to LaneOnline: Course Development and Support Opportunities

Are you ready to get started? Contact ID Services at to set up a consultation. We're here to help! There are no on-campus orientation sessions scheduled at this time however you can always meet one-on-one with an instructional designer via Zoom to go over the process. 

Not ready for full course development? Check out other training and development opportunities

Workshops, courses, projects and group discussions are presented by Academic Technology's Instructional Designers and other instructors from within the Lane community. They are designed to be short, informative, hands-on sessions or discussions covering various technologies and pedagogies as they relate to instruction. Academic Technology also offers opportunities outside of the Lane community. Sessions are geared for instructors teaching Distance Education modalities, but many, if not all topics will enrich all teaching practices.

For the current schedule go to LaneOnline: Course Development and Support Opportunities. Check back often! We are updating/adding new workshops and training opportunities throughout the year.

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