Steps to College Now Credit

College Now - Credits with a Purpose

Steps to College Now Credit

Step 1: Find out which College Now courses are offered at your high school. See College Now courses for a list.

Step 2: Check with your high school counselor if any of the College Now courses have pre-requisites or placement tests.

Step 3: Follow your counselor/instructor's instructions about appyling for admission to Lane CC, receiving your "L" number and then register online for your College Now class to receive dual credit.

Lane CC Grading Policies

  • You will receive a syllabus with all course expectations from your CN instructor. Students registered for dual credit courses will be assigned a grade of "A, B, C, D, or F"
  • In order to avoid a grade you do not want on your Lane CC transcript, especially "D" or "F", you must withdraw from the class by the appropriate deadline.
  • If you find a missing or incorrect grade, contact your high school instructor within one academic school year. Your instructor will then report the correct information to the High School Connections office.
  • Students who have past due Lane CC accounts from pervious terms can not register until their student account has been paid in full.