College Now

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about College Now

Can I complete my high school diploma at Lane?

No, High School Connections is not a HS Completion program. Our office facilitates the dual enrollment of local High School students.

How can a student become involved in College Now (dual credit) courses?

College Now courses offered at your high school can be found by:

The process of earning credit is detailed in Steps to College Now Credit

Is there a student cost for College Now courses?

These courses are free (no Lane CC tuition is charged to either the student or the high school). All regular high school fees for students would apply. This applies only to College Now and not all other high school student programs. By taking College Now courses you save time and money on college and can start earning college credits while still in high school.

Who Is Eligible For College Now Courses?

Students register for College Now courses as they do all other high school courses under the same requirements/pre-requisites followed by their high school. Check with your high school counselor.

How Do I Earn Credits? 

Students meeting specific academic requirements earn college credits at the same time they are satisfying high school requirements (dual credits).

After I have completed College Now courses, am I considered a returning student at Lane?

No. You will use the same L# throughout your Lane career, but after you have completed College Now courses at your high school you are not automatically considered a returning student. You must reapply for admission to Lane on a Credit application, follow the same new student process as anyone attending Lane for the first time.

What Is The Difference Between AP and College Now? 

The biggest difference is that to earn AP credit the student takes one standardized test at the end of the term and must score a minimum score to earn credit. AP tests are given at the student's expense and can cost over $80 per course. College Now courses are free and earning the minimum grade for the course allows the student to earn college credit by completing the work of the course without further costly testing.

Must I attend Lane Community College after high school in order for the College Now credits I've earned to be on a Lane transcript?

No, but we hope you will choose to continue at Lane. Your credits may be transferred to other colleges/universities without taking further classes at Lane. To request your Lane transcript to be sent to another institution, use the transcript request process at Enrollment Services.

Will my College Now credits be accepted by all other colleges/ universities?

Yes. The number of credits accepted by other institutions is determined by which programs they have and how many transfer and elective credits they accept. It is important to check with the Admissions Office at each institution to which you plan to send your transcript. Many institutions will accept the majority of professional technical credits you earn.