Respiratory Care

This program is being discontinued. Students currently enrolled in the program should contact Counseling and Advising at (541) 463-3200 for information about completing core courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get into the program?
Students are required to submit a completed application by the deadline. Each applicant will receive points for academic coursework completed and for additional healthcare related training as specified in the application point sheet. Points are used to determine the strength of the application for the respiratory care program. The current point system is included in the application packet.

Is there a residency requirement for getting accepted into the program?

How and when can I apply?
The application is found on the Respiratory Care Program website. Application deadlines are also provided.  Interested applicants should begin reviewing the online application in Fall and early Winter terms to become acquainted with application requirements. Careful planning will benefit the applicant, assuring that he/she has completed required coursework and application requirements. 

I won't have all my prerequisites completed by the application deadline. Can I still get into the program?
The Respiratory Care Program has required prerequisites that need to be completed by the end of winter term of the year of application (see Application / Admission page).

I'm really interested in the RC program? Are there any exceptions to the application guidelines, processes, or timelines?
No. Applications submitted without completed prerequisites or their equivalents are incomplete and will not be considered. All application requirements must be completed on or before the application deadline.

For example: applications for Fall admission are due in May.

I've taken classes outside of Lane that seem similar to the prerequisites. Will the program accept my previous coursework?
Students should use the Lane transfer tool to determine if previous coursework will be accepted as the equivalent of the course offered at LCC.  The transfer tool is also referenced on the program application.

If I have taken extra classes, will that help me on my application?
Additional points are awarded for CNA training or certification, EMT- Basic training or certification, military medical primary specialty with hospital experience, and prior degree completion (associate or bachelor degree).

If more people apply than you will accept, how do you choose who gets in?
Acceptance into the Respiratory Care Program is based upon a points system (see the application packet). Every year the total points achieved by applicants varies. Usually successful applicants have earned more than 10 points. 

How many students does the program accept each year?
The LCC Respiratory Care program takes 30 students per year.

I live outside of Lane County. If I am accepted to the program will I have to come to the main LCC campus every week?
No, every attempt is made to schedule on-campus activities so that the student will come to the main campus no more than every other week. The lecture portion of the curriculum is presented online using the Moodle presentation system. Clinical education is provided using 15 clinical affiliates – including sites in Portland, Salem, Roseburg, Newport, Coos Bay, and Medford.