Dental Assisting - Programs of Study

Dental Assisting

Program of Study 

Dental Assisting is a rewarding professional career.  Opportunities for employment are numerous and include jobs in all of the dental specialties as well as general dentistry. The Dental Assisting program at Lane provides training in all of these areas, incorporating lots of hands-on lab and clinical experiences, and preparation for state and national board exams.

Courses include basic health sciences, oral anatomy and pathology, dental materials, radiographic and chairside assisting techniques, principles of office records management and marketing, laboratory procedures, psychological considerations in patient treatment, and basic math computations. During Spring term, Dental Assisting program students participate in 2 separate internships in local dental offices through Cooperative Education.

Dental Assisting is a concentrated program that requires good reading and study skills. Students are on campus most of the day in Fall and Winter terms. Spring term includes a minimum of 24 hours per week in Cooperative Education community clinical sites.

Students may arrange to complete the 9 month program over a two-year period after meeting with the program coordinator to discuss the options. NOTE: because all courses with a lab or clinical component have to be completed in the same year, the majority of courses are still taken in a single academic year.

Program Prerequisites

Although prerequisites are not required prior to application, grades for these courses are used to compute the application scores. Thus, a student that has successfully passed the majority of the prerequisite courses at the time of application will have a higher, more competitive score.

In order to register for Dental Assisting classes in the Fall, students must have successfully completed:

  • Basic Mathematic Applications (MTH 052) or higher level math
  • Human Relations course from the approved list. See the Dental Assisting program sheet
  • Introduction to College Writing (WR 115) or English Composition (WR121)
  • Computer Fundamentals (CIS 101) or Concepts of Computing (CS 120)
  • Dental Health Sciences (DA 110). **

**Human Body Systems 1 and 2 (HO 150/152) or Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 (BI231 & 232) can be substituted for DA 110.

A mandatory Program Orientation and a separate Document Day are held prior to Fall Term. Failure to attend will result in loss of "accepted" status.

For a detailed look at the required curriculum, go to the online catalog.